Networking & Wireless Infrastructure

Networking & Wireless Infrastructure


Network Design

Your business is unique, and therefore you need solutions that fit your unique needs.  Whether that’s a basic wired network to connect computers and printers to a server or you are seeking a complex, fault-tolerant corporate network overhaul, D-Best Technologies’ custom network planning and infrastructure services can address your immediate network expansion, troubleshooting, and design needs.

Our goal is to ensure your network services stand up to your business’s needs and do not negatively impact your bottom line.  To achieve this, our IT professionals are trained in a diverse range of organizational strategies and cutting edge approaches to traffic flow.

Wireless Infrastructure

The security, reliability and speed of wireless technology has had drastic improvements over the last few years.  Following these improvements, more vendors are providing wireless connectivity in their hardware by default, and many businesses are considering expanding and strengthening their wireless networks to take advantage of this.

D-Best provides turn-key wireless infrastructure design and installation services.  Our carrier-grade equipment is reliable and built to last and our professional technicians are skilled in signal mapping, RF interference scanning, and access point placement.  Take the guesswork out of Wi-Fi with D-Best Technologies!

Our Wireless Infrastructure design services include:

  • An RF site survey and wireless security audit
  • Complete cable installation
  • Set-up of access points, switch architecture, and wireless bridges
  • Managing configuration and installation of your wireless infrastructure
  • Monitoring of your wireless network with notifications of early-stage or potential issues

At D-Best, we know the importance of having a reliable, responsive, and secure wireless network, which is why are a proud Ubiquiti partner.


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