Network Security

Network Security

Network Security is the most important aspect of IT.  Network security relates to the controls in place that prevent the unauthorized access of confidential data.  By employing techniques to audit server configurations, detect vulnerable firewall rules, and monitor user endpoints, D-Best is able to guarantee the safety of our clients' networks while minimizing the impact of extraneous security procedures. We don't use over-bloated security software that add complications to day-to-day tasks.  Our state-of-the-art detection and response tools allow our technicians to quickly identify alerts that need our attention, while automatically addressing those that can be handled by AI.


Does your IT partner have the capability to keep your data protected?

D-Best uses advanced software and hardware to rapidly detect and remediate unauthorized activity as it happens.

We use rogue access point detection to find and isolate wireless devices that is broadcasting unauthorized signals. These access points allow attackers into secured parts of the network by avoiding the need to authenticate against company servers. 

Our Sophos Intercept X software isn't just an antivirus.  It's antimalware, anti-ransomware, intrusion prevention, download intelligence, and an advanced firewall.  It allows us granular control over the applications that can run on a system and notifies us instantly of attempted infections and allows us to remotely remediate an infection.

Our industry leading DBestBackup software uses end-to-end encryption to secure confidential data.  Customers can control their own encryption key, keeping the confidentiality of their data in their own hands.  We monitor backups daily for failure and automatically resolve backup issues. 

Advanced auditing tools let us monitor changes to server data, user permissions, and unauthorized data access.  

We implement secure remote access using IPsec VPN technology, Remote Desktop Gateway servers, and encrypted tunneling applications to guarantee data is accessed in a secure manner from authorized individuals.


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