Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

A good disaster recovery model will make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars, if not more in the event of a disaster.  A poorly designed or implemented disaster recovery plan could mean downtime of days or weeks while new equipment is sourced, data is downloaded or extracted from backups, and servers are rebuilt.  It is important to know what limitations your recovery model has compared to what is acceptable for your business.

DBestBackuponline backup

The trusted online backup and sync solution for businesses

A recent Forrester report suggested that businesses are not protecting their computers and remote offices sufficiently; the traditional tape backup scenario is prone to a lot of catastrophes such as loss of tapes due to theft or just plain data loss. A Gartner study even pointed out that businesses with dozens or hundreds of remote servers frequently delegate remote backup responsibilities to non-IT professionals (a night clerk at a hotel, for example).

What if this is not done right?

Of what use is a backup if it can’t be retrieved in one piece when needed? What good is a local tape backup if it cannot help retrieve data during a crisis, especially in cases where even just a few seconds of downtime can be extremely detrimental for business?

These are a few of the aspects that DBestBackup addresses in its ‘software as a service’ strategy.

DBestBackup alleviates the challenges faced by many small businesses that fail to recognize the importance of data protection

Proven scalability

DBestBackup manages petabytes of storage and can rapidly accommodate the ever-increasing needs of millions of users.

Proven reliability

When users entrust their data to us, they know DBestBackup will back it up with minimal action required on their end. It’s hassle-free so they can carry out their routine activities uninterrupted.

Stringent data security procedures

DBestBackup’s foremost philosophy has been simple, safe backups. We take your data security extremely seriously. With 256-bit AES encryption employed to transfer and store data in the data centers, your data is in safe hands.

Multiple Device Backup

Backup unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices into a single account. In addition, data from external hard drives can also be backed up.

Online File Sync

Files and folders will be synced in real-time across all the devices that you link using DBestBackup. Sync storage does not impact your backup storage and matches your backup storage limit.

DBestBackup Express™

Quick backup and retrieval of data in less than a week via physical storage shipment, ensuring no bandwidth usage.

Snapshots and Versioning

Snapshots provide historical view of data for point-in-time recovery and help protect against ransomware; DBestBackup retains up to 30 previous versions of all files backed up to your account.

Manage Computers

Web-based console helps manage data backups, restores, application settings and more, on remote computers.

Clone/Computer Backup

Perform sector-level backup or file-level backup to secure your entire computer, and restore the same to its initial state in the event of a disaster.

Security and Privacy

Transfer and store files with 256-bit AES encryption using a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers.


Incremental and compressed backups will ease network bandwidth by transferring the modified portions of a file.

Continuous Data Protection

DBestBackup automatically recognizes the modified parts of files and backs them up.

Go Mobile

Access files backed up from PCs and Macs or synced from connected devices; protect mobile data with apps for iOS and Android.

Retrieve Data

Search and restore files from the desktop application or via any browser; provision to recover deleted files from Trash within a period of 30 days.

True Archiving

No data is deleted from the DBestBackup online account until you manually delete or run 'Archive Cleanup' to match your computer data to your account.

Stay Informed

Activity reports, backup status reports, share reports - all keep you informed.

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