Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware


Quality Components and Quality Craftsmanship Produce Quality Computers

D-Best Technologies is a computer supplier and reseller founded in 1993 working with the tried and tested brands to deliver your modern technology.  We understand that each business has specific needs, which is why we custom build our desktops and carry a wide selection of laptops from Apple, Dell, Lenovo and more. Not only do we sell PCs to small to medium businesses but also to individuals and to a variety of organizations in different industries, including healthcare and education.


When talking about computers, a desktop is likely the first picture that enters your mind. Our desktop computers can come in all shapes and sizes and are custom built for a range of tasks from web browsing to high-resolution gaming and content creation. Desktops are always assembled in the configuration of your choosing. Plus, one of the best features of a desktop is that they may be upgraded or customized to grow alongside your needs. Interested in building or purchasing a new PC? Speak with the professionals at D-Best Technologies today!


Laptops & 2-in-1s

Laptop computers are an excellent solution for mobile computing or when there is a lack of space.  2-in-1s are another great portable solution because they can operate as a tablet or as a laptop with their built-in touch screen displays or drawing accessories in some models. We carry a wide range of laptops and 2-in-1s ready to meet any of your needs.


Sometimes neither a desktop nor a laptop is the right fit for a particular space. Tablets are versatile computers that can perform most of the same tasks as their larger counterparts in a much more easily transportable form factor.  When paired with peripherals like dedicated keyboards and external displays, tablets can blur the line between themselves and a desktop computer. D-Best can custom order any of a variety of industry-leading tablet brands.


Drop/Spill/Shock Resistant Rugged Computing

Need something a little TOUGHer?  Our line of Durabook computers are designed to handle the toughest environments on earth.  Durabook tablets and laptops deliver peak performance under extreme conditions.  Visit our Durabook page for more information on the various models and their options.  Contact a representative for pricing and availablity.

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