Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Why Use Managed IT Services?

In 2020, 44% of businesses surveyed by Spiceworks plan to increase their IT spending, up from 38% in 2019.  This is because technology is becoming outdated more rapidly and businesses are determined to gain an advantage over their rivals.  Our managed IT services provide a competitive edge by delivering an on-staff IT experience at a fraction of the cost.  Keeping an IT professional on-staff means keeping them busy, providing benefits, paying payroll taxes, and racking up other unforeseen costs.  With managed IT support, you'll pay a flat monthly fee for IT services with no hidden costs. 

No Personnel Costs. No Hidden Fees. No Headaches.

Our Comprehensive IT Solution

CyberSecurity as a Service (CSaaS)

Instead of focusing on a single firewall, antivirus package, or security suite, D-Best implements a multitude of security tools and practices to ensure all aspects of our Clients’ business are completely protected.

Sophos Intercept X, our Next Gen Anti-Virus (NGAV) software is the cornerstone of our cybersecurity plan. Protection is included for all Servers, PCs, Laptops, and Macs. Our security suite provides ransomware protection, behavior monitoring, optional Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), & web security. D-Best’s NOC provides 24/7 monitoring and attempts to remediate security issues as soon as they are detected. In the event the NOC is unable to remediate the affected system, D-Best technicians can quickly quarantine the unit to prevent spread and rapidly dispatch a technician to isolate and remove the infection.

Inbound Spam Protection provides a layer of protection by quarantining phishing attempts, malware, and spoofed messages without them ever reaching the inbox. By scanning email at the server level, we are able to protect untrained users against scams, fraud, and outright infection. Plus, custom filtering can be adjusted on the fly and Clients can forward any missed spam to us for analysis to further improve the filtering.

Outbound Spam Protection uses a combination of DKIM, DMARC, and SPF verification to protect your customers and employees from attackers that are using your email address, your name, or your server to send spam, scams, and other malicious content.

Sophos XGS Firewall Appliances with Advanced Threat Protection utilize A.I. and cloud computing to monitor the network on an organizational level to identify and isolate network threats. Our included security appliance can identify malformed packets, invalid TCPIP headers, and other intelligent attack vectors that other protection will simply overlook. D-Best can also provide protection services for capable customer owned UTM appliances to ensure complete protection of the network.

Automated Endpoint Monitoring & Maintenance

D-Best provides monitoring via our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software. Our RMM tools monitor all PCs (that are powered on) 24/7 for critical errors. These errors will be automatically processed by D-Best’s NOC, or a Service Ticket will be created in for any error that is not able to be resolved by the NOC. Tickets are addressed by a D-Best technician.

Automated Support is provided and includes remediation for installed malware, failed services, drive clean-up (temp and unnecessary files), drive optimization, security scanning, as well as hardware and software auditing. All time accrued by D-Best’s Automated Support software is included.

Patch Management software facilitates the installation of updates to Windows and Apple Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, and certain 3rd party applications. Critical updates are scheduled for same-day installation. Other quality and non-security updates are scheduled during idle hours.

Helpdesk (Unlimited On-Site, In-Shop, & Remote Support)

The Service Agreement includes on-site, in-shop, and remote support to Clients for all existing hardware and software, including all equipment listed in the Addendum as well as installed 3rd party application software and line-of-business applications.

D-Best provides support for remote access solutions including VPN access, remote desktop, and email, including remote access setup of off-site computers. Remote support of staff’s home computers is included for the purposes of VPN access to the Company’s network provided that the home computers are not end-of-life, have current Windows or Apple operating system updates, and the antivirus is up to date.

D-Best makes a best effort to resolve as many issues as possible remotely and will come On-Site in the event remote resolution is not possible. Projects outside the scope of the above are billed at the standard hourly rate. These services include cable/antenna/camera installation and moving service. See terms and conditions for further details.

Virtual CIO w/ Quarterly Reporting

D-Best offers a Quarterly vCIO Meeting to sit down and discuss concerns, new ventures, budgeting, and potential IT changes that could impact the business in the coming months. We assist in planning the roadmap for infrastructure upgrades, adding new technology to streamline business processes, and staying up to date on industry trends and the latest innovations.

Status Reports are sent on a monthly basis. D-Best collects reporting details on tickets, alerts, patches, antivirus performance, service availability, and network reliability. We compile these into a PDF report every month to be provided to the Client.

Compliance & Risk Assessment

From HIPAA guidelines to FTC mandates to IRS publications to PCI compliance, D-Best Technologies is on the leading edge of cybersecurity compliance services. Our partner, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, specializes in creating and auditing cybersecurity policies across the United States while D-Best ensures each Client meets or exceeds the guidelines that govern their industry. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of different industry regulations, policies, and laws while each and every one of our implementations meet NIST Cybersecurity Framework guidelines.

Our risk assessment, penetration testing, and vulnerability scanning services provide Clients the opportunity to get into compliance before an audit, or to verify issues have been resolved after an audit has occurred. These services can be provided by D-Best staff or our own processes and procedures can be audited by an objective 3rd party assessment team at Cyberstone.

By meeting the guidelines of a written cybersecurity policy, Clients can lower cybersecurity insurance rates, gain access to special DoD contracts, and avoid heavy penalties, depending on the industry.

Disaster Recovery & Cloud Backup

Use our Cloud Backup Service to automatically back up all data files stored on Servers to a secure online location. The Client is authorized to install backup software on an unlimited number of computers. 250GB of storage is provided per Agreement. Additional blocks of 50GB will be added at a marginal cost for excess storage. Backups are scheduled for weeknights after 8pm. Exact timeframes will vary depending on the number of systems backed up, the Client’s business hours, and available upload speed. D-Best’s Cloud Backup includes AES-256-bit DoD Level Encryption of all data.

Upon request, D-Best can provide a Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) Appliance to be placed in client’s server room that captures snapshots of client servers on a regular interval. These snapshots include not only the data files, but also operating system applications and configuration information. These allow for a rapid recovery. In the event of a failed server or data loss D-Best will use BDR appliance to restore data on-site if a Cloud recovery is not feasible.

Optional Services

Backup Internet (LTE Failover)

D-Best offers LTE Internet Backup devices that can be integrated into the network so if the internet goes down, all connections automatically fail over to the cellular signal so the business can continue operating. Whether it’s a power outage, a downed telephone pole, or a faulty modem, internet issues are detrimental for a businesses’ ability to operate. Starting at only $25/month plus usage, it’s easy to justify adding in a backup internet.

Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

At D-Best, not only are we a Microsoft Office 365 partner, but all our prices also match Microsoft’s direct pricing. With D-Best as a partner, you’ll benefit from additional troubleshooting support, no annual commitments, streamlined billing, and free help with adding and removing users, changing passwords, and more inside the Office 365 tenant.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic plans that include Onedrive and Email start at $5 per month while Microsoft 365 Business Standard plans including Onedrive, Email, and access to all Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and more) start at $15 per month.

Add email encryption, threat protection, archiving and dozens of other additional features to help meet compliance requirements and enhance the user experience. Contact a D-Best representative for pricing and option availability. Spam filtering is included with all Managed Service Agreements using Office 365! 

Voice Services & Unified Communications (UCaaS) Solutions 

Our Voice & Telephone Services provide crisp, clear phone calls, video calls, chat + texting capability, and more rolled into a single UCaaS Solution. The service includes over 90 enterprise grade features (call recording, auto attendant, PC fax, voice transcription & more) backed by our amazing service and support. D-Best guarantees excellent call quality, 24-hour reliability, and the best prices in the River Valley.

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