During a major data loss event, your disaster recovery model will make a difference of thousands, or even millions, of dollars.  A poorly designed or implemented disaster recovery plan may mean downtime of days or weeks while new equipment is sourced, data is downloaded or extracted from backups, and servers are rebuilt.  It is important to know what limitations your recovery model has compared to what is acceptable for your business.

Our technicians can evaluate your current backup and recovery strategy, what your needs will be during a disaster, and what kind of downtime is acceptable in different scenarios. We can then determine the most effective and cost-efficient strategy to minimize lost income and productivity during a disaster event.  

Our cloud backup service provides peace of mind for your business by ensuring your data is safely backed up offsite to our secure cloud servers.  We monitor our backup server for failures and anomalies.  D-Best uses industry leading encryption to protect your data both during transmission to the server as well as during storage, and can set it up so that only the customer can decrypt the data.  

We can develop strategies using any number or kind of different targets: a dedicated backup server, a NAS, swappable tapes or external drives, and of course a cloud backup.

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