D-Best Technologies' Rate Schedule


Base Rate

To make it easy, all of our support services work back from this base rate (which is exclusive of tax)

Base Rate


Engineer Rate



Work Types

Depending on the type of work you need, the below are the way any charges will be calculated.

Work Type


Unit type


Example at Base Rate

Remote Support





Onsite Support





Travel Fee


Travel Per Hour



VIP Onsite Rate





Emergency Ticket Upgrade


Per Ticket Multiplier



After Hours Support





Example 1

Let’s say you require an engineer on site in a few days’ time (i.e. not urgent) to help install a new application you have just purchased for your server. It takes 3 hours to install. The site is in Fayetteville, so it’s an hour away.

  • 3 x Onsite Support = $375
  • 2 x Travel Fee = $150
  • Total: $525

Example 2

One of your field techs broke their tablet, and they have several jobs today and no spare, so you ask us to add the “Emergency Ticket Upgrade”. The issue takes 45 minutes to fix. With the “Emergency Ticket Upgrade” we give this issue our highest priority (we treat it as a “Critical” issue) and move everything around to work on it for you ASAP.

  • 1 x Remote Support = $100
  • Emergency Upgrade = 2x Multiplier
  • Total: $250


IT Packages




Fort Knox


"60 Second" Support Response




Personalized Support Application



Microsoft & 3rd Party App Updates

Unlimited Remote Support

Unlimited Onsite Support

VIP Rates

Unlimited Saturday Support





Managed Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware



Managed Premium Firewall

Encrypted Cloud Backup


24x7 Security Monitoring

24x7 Dark Web Monitoring


Managed Email Protection


Multi Factor Authentication


Add-On (+$)


Password Management System

IT Documentation

Monthly Executive Report

Asset & Inventory Management


IT Budget Preparation



Technology Business Reviews




Security Awareness Training


Simulated Phishing Attacks


Business Continuity Plan



IT Security Policy



Penetration Testing




Office 365 Email

Add-On (+$)

Office 365 Applications

Add-On (+$)

Managed Wi-Fi System


Per User Per Month




Base Site Fee




Additional Servers





Voice Packages







Unlimited Local & Long Distance


Unlimited Phone Lines


Auto Attendant


Caller ID


Conference Calls


Record Calls & Meetings



Monitor & Whisper to Agents



Voicemail Transcription



Unlimited International Calling

24 Countries

35 Countries




Computer Application


Cell Phone Application


Video Conferencing


Fax to PDF



Direct Dial Texting



Company Wide Texting




Dedicated Fax Machine






In-Person Training Session



Unlimited Video Training


Written Guides & Cheat Sheets




Maintenance Updates


New Feature Upgrades


Call Quality Guarantee


Handset Warranty

1 Year

2 Years


Per User Per Month
(Tax Included)





What Is The Client Portal? 🌐

Think of the Client Portal as your command center for IT support. Here, you can create new tickets, track the status of your open and closed tickets, update existing tickets with additional information, access our service catalog, and more! It’s a one-stop digital hub for all your IT support needs.

What is the Remote Access Agent? 🛠️

Our Remote Access Agent is a compact yet powerful tool installed on your servers and computers. It's like having a virtual technician inside your devices, allowing us to swiftly step in and resolve issues remotely – saving you the time and hassle of an onsite visit.

What's Covered Under Help Desk Support? 📞

Your Agreement spells out the specifics, but here are some examples of what our Helpdesk support typically includes:

  • Troubleshooting Outlook server connection issues.
  • Resolving Excel startup problems.
  • Adding new users to existing computers.
  • Handling user cancellations.

What is 24/7/365 Monitoring? 👀

Clients with a Managed Service agreement benefit from our vigilant monitoring. Our Remote Access Agent keeps an eye on your network and computers around the clock, alerting our support team to potential issues like malware, hacking intrusions, hardware errors, and server glitches before they become big problems.

What is Patch Management? 🔄

Patch Management is all about keeping your software fresh and secure. Each month, we handle Microsoft’s updates, including Windows and Office patches, ensuring your systems are both up-to-date and shielded against security threats. We take care of this automatically for Managed Service clients.

What 3rd Party Applications Do You Update? 📦

For those on our Managed Service plans, we keep many key applications up to date.  A few examples include Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Oracle JAVA, Apple QuickTime, and PDF Creator.  We also keep industry specific applications on your server up to date as well.

What is Preventative Maintenance? 🛡️

Under our Managed Service agreements, we conduct regular maintenance on your Servers and Workstations. This includes tasks like clearing excessive log files, ensuring your systems run smoothly and efficiently. It's all part of our commitment to keep your IT infrastructure in prime condition.

What are Guaranteed Response Times? 🕒

For our Managed Service clients, rest assured that every issue is swiftly handled by our Helpdesk. We're committed to prompt, efficient service.

For clients without a service agreement, we will help you as fast as we can, however it will be on a “best effort” basis as we need to give priority to clients on our Managed Service agreements.



Our Guaranteed

Our Target


Entire Company Offline (Call Us!)

Main Application Offline (Call Us!)

1 Hours

15 Mins


Department Offline (Call us!)

CEO's Computer Offline (Call Us!)

2 Hours

1 Hour


User PC Offline

One Printer Not Working

4 Hours

2 Hours


User Impacted But Working

Access Changes

8 Hours

4 Hours


Can I Upgrade My Ticket Priority?

Absolutely!  Managed Service clients can opt for an “Emergency Ticket Upgrade” to escalate a ticket to “Critical” status. This ensures your issue is addressed with top priority.  Just call us to request this upgrade, and be aware that an additional charge will be applied for this expedited service.

What is the Monthly Executive Report? 📊

Clients with Managed Service agreements receive a monthly report packed with key IT business metrics. It includes insights like Most Active Users, Tickets Opened by Type, and more, giving you a clear picture of your IT landscape.

How Do Travel Fees Work? 🚗

Our standard coverage area includes Fort Smith, Van Buren, Alma, and Roland, where Call Out charges are waived. For clients outside these areas, a Travel Fee will be added to on-site tickets. This fee is based on travel time to ensure fairness and transparency.

How does after-hours service work? 👀

Clients can reach out to our escalation lines for after-hours emergency support.  Calls received outside of normal business hours will automatically incur an After Hours service charge, which is equivalent to 2.5x our base rate with a 4 hour minimum.  To receive support outside of normal business hours, Clients should call the escalation numbers in order from lowest to highest, until the call is answered.  The dispatcher who answers the phone will contact a technician and dispatch them accordingly.  If an on-site call is required, a Primary IT Contact listed on the account is required to meet us onsite. 


What are Onboarding Fees? 💼

  • Onboarding Fee: We charge a flat rate of $100 per user for onboarding. This fee covers the setup and integration of each user into our system, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal setup for our services.
  • Fee Waiver for Long-Term Commitment: Onboarding fees are completely waived for clients who sign a 3-year service agreement with us. It’s our way of saying thanks for your long-term partnership.

Are There Any Discounts on Service Agreements? 💰

Yes!  We offer discounts on multi-year agreements as well as for non-profit organizations.

  • 2-Year Agreement: Enjoy a 5% discount on your service agreement when you commit to two years with us.
  • 3-Year Agreement: Opt for a 3-year agreement and receive a substantial 10% discount. It's our best value offer, designed to reward your extended commitment.
  • Non-Profit Discount: We offer a special 25% discount on all service agreements for non-profit organizations. It’s our way of supporting the vital work you do in our community.

Annual CPI Adjustment Explained 📈

Each year, we adjust our pricing to align with the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This adjustment ensures our rates remain fair and reflective of the current economic climate.

How Does It Work?

  • Starting Date: The adjustment kicks in one year after your Agreement's effective date and will recur on each subsequent anniversary.
  • Calculation Example:
    • If your monthly rate is $1,000 and the CPI increase is 2%, your new rate will be $1,020.
    • Conversely, if the CPI shows a decrease of 2%, your rate will adjust to $980.

This CPI-linked adjustment allows us to maintain the high-quality service you expect from us and keep pace with economic changes without the need to regularly raise our rates.

How Do We Receive our Invoices? 📬

Managed Service Agreements: You'll receive your monthly Invoice every month around the 6th with 30 day terms, allowing ample time for payment preparation.

Clients Without an Agreement: We'll send weekly invoices for tickets closed in the previous week. Each ticket is invoiced separately for easy cost allocation within your business. These invoices have COD terms.



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