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Spaitech was reviewing and testing a significant number of laptop devices but hadn’t found the right model. Some of them were very expensive and cumbersome while others did not have the parameters needed or had a smaller matrix diagonal screen. Another challenge was finding a device that had a fully protected LAN and USB ports, in addition to a robust connection to the docking station.


The equipment the manufacturer was using for reconnaissance operations was insufficient to deal with the challenges of working in adverse weather conditions. An essential requirement was finding a rugged device with a high-quality screen that was responsive, touchable and bright with good pixel detailing and all-weather functionality.


The Z14I rugged laptop provided many of the same characteristics of the previous equipment but it had a much better screen and sensor functionality, which meant the team could work with a new type of payload, which has been implemented into its Windhower model.

Spaitech worked with distributor EKZOT LLC, who has been Twinhead Corporation’s partner in the Ukraine since 2019. This successful alliance has made DURABOOK products more recognisable in the Ukraine, particularly amongst the mining industry, heavy and light engineering sector, scientific research enterprises, the police, geological exploration, aircraft construction enterprises and the military industry.

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