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Why Choose D-Best Technologies?

At D-Best Technologies, our success is built on the foundation of our customers' success.  D-Best has been providing IT consulting, break/fix repairs, and managed IT services in the River Valley and surrounding area for over 2 decades.  While dozens of competitors have come and gone, D-Best sets the standard for customer service in the IT industry.


What is IT (Information Technology)?

IT isn't just about computers!  While IT does include hardware like desktops, laptops, and printers, it encompasses so much more.

  • IT is about Communication: Phone systems, mobile devices, collaboration, messaging, project management, and email. 

  • IT is about Security: endpoint protection, firewalls, database security, and encryption. 

  • IT is about Networking: routers, wireless, and IoT.

  • IT is about technology that drives your business.

  • D-Best Technologies is all about IT


Does my business need IT?

Technology is in every home and every business, whether you're storing information digitally, transmitting credit card data electronically, or just paying bills online.  It benefits us in enumerable ways, but also makes us vulnerable.  Unsecured firewalls, outdated IoT devices, lapsed antivirus subscriptions: Hackers take advantage of 'low hanging fruit' (the businesses that aren't doing enough to secure customer data) and cause damage to the business' reputation as well as exposure to financial liability.

What makes us D BEST?

  • If it's technology, you can count on D-Best.  That includes mobile devices, industry-specific software support, phone systems, and more. 

  • We use only the highest quality equipment that allows us to warranty our equipment twice as long and ensures the customer has systems with long-term reliability.

  • Our pricing is fair and transparent.  We offer up-front estimates and flat-rate in-shop service to make IT affordable, our on-site service rates are reasonable, and travel is included at no charge.

  • We aren't your stereotypical nerds.  Our customer-facing technicians are friendly and outgoing.  We use simple, understandable language without talking down to our customers.
  • D-Best has been A+ BBB accredited for over 25 years, which proves we are one of the most reliable, dependable IT partners in the River Valley.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business meet its goals, and for all the reasons we are D-Best.


What our clients say...

James Carter

Great experience! Was building a pc and ran into problems, decided to seek help. They were able to fix my problem and get it up and running quickly and at a reasonable price. They went above and beyond and even installed newest drivers for me. If i run into problems on future builds i will definitely return.

Joshua Collins

Was visiting a friend in Ft Smith when my smart phone broke, these guys fixed it crazy quick! They introduced me to the Lenovo brand and I've been ordering my computer parts from here ever since.

Ward Young

We just moved into our new building. D-Best installed our Server to handle 12 HD Cameras. Also, installed Server which handles Data. Very happy with the support, products, and professional advice.

Tom Bishop

I took my laptop here when it kept freezing and crashing on me, they were super helpful, didn't mind answering all of my questions and to my relief they explained everything in layman's terms so I understood what was going on with my computer and what they were going to be doing. They got me up and running again in no time and didn't break my bank doing it. I highly recommend these guys, they've secured all of my future business.

Helen Conner

Virus got me on Thursday - it kept popping up when i got online. My buddy told me to try using malware bite and some other programs but it got worse. All my music disappeared and finally i can't turn it on at all. I called best buy but they wanted like 200 bucks so i called these guys. They said waaaaaay less so i dropped it off Friday. i got all my songs back and they were done Monday for under a bill. Sweet deal.

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